Hardwood Flooring in Toronto, ON

We offer various types of hardwood, including both solid and engineered hardwood flooring options, to suit your specific home design needs, whether you want hardwood floors in a kitchen, living area, or anywhere throughout the home. Solid wide plank hardwood flooring offers the tradition and beauty you expect from vintage hardwood flooring and is able to be subjected to hardwood floor refinishing multiple times throughout its lifespan. Engineered wood has a shorter lifespan but is much more affordable and versatile, able to be installed almost anywhere.

Explore our catalog of hardwood floor colors including grey hardwood, white oak hardwood flooring, light hardwood floors & dark hardwood floors. In addition to hardwood colors, you can sort by species from products that include maple hardwood flooring, oak hardwood flooring and more. If you need hardwood flooring in Canada, Assured Flooring is your trusted source!

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Hardwood flooring | Assured Flooring
Hardwood flooring | Assured Flooring
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Hardwood Installation

Trust Assured Flooring with your hardwood floor installation! We’ll help you prepare & explain how to install hardwood floors. We also offer hardwood refinishing and hardwood floor repair.
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Hardwood Care & Maintenance

Incorporate these care and maintenance tips and learn how to clean hardwood floors properly and get tips regarding hardwood floor cleaner.
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Free In-Home Estimate

Considering hardwood for your home? We can provide a professional in-home estimate of the hardwood flooring cost before you buy, free of charge!