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Paint from Sherwin Williams

No matter what surfaces you’re coating or painting, we offer innovative paint solutions to all our customers in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Custom staircases

While your staircase may seem like a simple structural necessity to access additional floors on your property, it doesn't have to be boring! A properly designed, custom-built staircase can add a unique artistry to your space. Contact us for more information!

Custom carpet binding

Want a custom area rug, hall rug, or stair runner? We can make it for you! Contact us to learn more about our carpet binding services.

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Dustless sanding

If you have hardwood flooring in your home, you’ll likely notice significant wear and tear over time. Luckily, one of the many benefits of hardwood flooring is its ability to be refinished multiple times. Contact us to learn more!

Hardwood flooring repair

Is your hardwood flooring looking a little worse for wear? Is there noticeable warping or moisture damage? Do you see cracks or gouges? We can help! We offer hardwood restoration and repair services throughout the greater Toronto area. Contact us to learn more!

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